Well what to do? 

When things got rough… when I was upset, exhausted, miserable… I always had a coping mechanism. I would escape everything through the written word. I would leave this world and all of its troubles behind to face a universe of new problems. But they were problems I could control. Issues I could solve and come out on top of. 

But now… now I’m happy. I’m busy but not overwhelmed. I’m contented enough to the point that I while I want to write for nostalgia’s sake, but I can’t. I’ve hit a wall. I’ve got a few ideas, things that I want to do and accomplish… but no longer the desire and need to lose myself somewhere far far away. 

So now for the task is retraining my mental associations. I will be working on writing prompts going forward. I think every other week to keep it manageable. I need to teach my brain that writing isn’t ONLY an escape, but one more adventure to look forward to. 

I know I take on too much. I have big plans and monumental dreams and I don’t always think them through. The website was one. I’ll be suspending that for a little while. Reserve the name and properly prepare for everything before relaunching. I’ll keep the Facebook page and pay to it when I can. It’s a good community page to build a following with.


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