Lots to do

There’s always a lot to do. It’s a never ending cycle. But I’m on a time crunch now – so I had to make a list.

There are things around the house that I need to have done. Things to prepare, tie up loose ends and all.

I need to get all of my gear together. While ACE provides you a tent, room, and board and living stipend, I need to bring a multi day backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and work clothes. I will have to put these things together slowly and get them ready so I’m not breaking the bank for it.

Then there’s insurance. Bleh…. I have had to put in my resignation at my job, so I will not have insurance through them. Which means I need to pick up some of my own from somewhere. I don’t fancy the thought of insurance shopping, but it has to be done.

Get married. Yeah, yeah… I know I’ve said a few things about marriage, and my plans on it, and everything else. But here’s how our lives have played out. I have an incredible partner, that believes I should take an opportunity that will not JUST take me away from him for six months, but leave him in the care of my son which he has no technical legal right to. And he’s encouraging this to happen. He wants me to follow my dreams and he wants to help me do it – no questions asked. No conditions placed. We’ve overcome every obstacle and have ended up stronger for it. I think it’s about time I put some of the same trust and faith in him.

I have parties to plan, holidays to spend, and then comes the next step. The step toward seeing so many of my dreams come true.


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