Someplace new

It was not a house. It was not a store, or a theater… but all three. Massive and old, cobwebs still clung in high corners out of reach. There were arching brick pillars throughout.

I was living there. I can’t recall if I owned it, or how I came about being there. We were still trying to settle in. Do we like this room? Maybe that one there? This other has a view.

I never actually saw the view. I just know it was either bright or dark outside for night or day.

Did I mention my mom was there? She played a short cameo, walking around with Ethan, exploring the home.

We were getting ready for a party, friends and family alike. At the same time, the store at the other end of the manor had just received a shipment and a crew was getting ready to work the merchandise out to the shelves. It wasn’t going to be in the way of the party, but I invited the crew to stop by for refreshments

A friend came to visit. Only he wasn’t supposed to be there….

And that’s all I can remember. I had this dream over a month ago and started writing it down. I was interrupted before I could finish and it has since faded in its entirety. 


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