Piece by piece

Pack my bags… I’m ready to go… *snickers* Yeah not quite. So far I have secured a sleeping bag, sleeping pad and new boots.

I am SO happy with this sleeping bag. Not only does it meet all of the requirements and is warm and squishy… but it is SO me!

Reversible to accommodate temperatures ranging from 15 degrees and up. Too hot, turn it inside out or even use it as a comforter. It’s the Ticla Rambler and I’ve never been so happy with a purchase. Shame that it’s on close out at rei.

I’m holding off to purchase my pack until I actually make it to Asheville. There’s an REI there and what better way to choose a pack than to cram ALL of the stuff into it that you need to and see how it works?

On the list of things to tackle is take my car down to GM and have them comb over the recall items and get a full tune up. I need her running nicely since we won’t really be able to afford a lot of guff over the next few months.

I’m looking at dates in early next year. Okay, well I WILL be looking at dates then whenever they get posted. I’d hate to miss Ethan’s birthday… but no matter how I swing it – I’ll be missing something. Christmas, Birthday, Easter, Anniversary… There’s a lot that one must sacrifice in the pursuit of their future. I wish I could bring everyone along, but rest assured that I will have it well documented to share when it’s all said and done.


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