I think some of the best times I ever had with mom was when we lived in North Carolina. I would usually get a day off in the middle of the week since I worked retail. Iwona would be working, Dustin was in school, and we’d take the day and explore the mountains.

We’d start with breakfast out. Usually at the Denny’s in Black Mountain. We’d both order a coffee and sit and talk. Usually just sit. Neither of us were big conversationalists. We just enjoyed each other’s company. 

I’d slowly stir the cream into my coffee, watching the swirls make intricate designs. We’d plan out the day before beginning or adventure.

The fall was always the best. We’d tackle the Blue Ridge armed with a camera and her little red Plymouth Sundance. That car loved the mountains as much as we did. It carried us overy hill tops and dirt roads enough times to fill a book. Maybe one day it will. 


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