Dreams of the future

I used to think that you had to have a professional goal. The only dream I ever had was to become a writer and to explore the mountains. I was a misfit, I was behind. I worked to bring in a paycheck. I was good at whatever I did, but never found any real joy. It was a job, not a career. 

My dreams kept dragging me back to the mountains. Learning every valley and stream and waterfall. Memorizing every twist and turn of the trails. Talking to people about the history and stories of them all. 

Finally I thought… why not be a Forest Ranger? Obviously this isn’t an overnight accomplishment. That’s what lead me to start my research. That’s how I stumbled across the Conservation Corps and how I’m set on my current path. 

No, I have not acheived my goal yet, but I’m at a good starting point. I have not abandonned being a writer, but at least my day job might be able to bring me as much joy and fulfillment as my dream job. And it’s not too late. 

It is not a simple path, or an easy path, and maybe that’s what helps to make it more desirable. It’s the fight to make it happen. It’s discovering the missing piece to fill the void. 

Keep your day job while you need it…. but don’t settle on that being your end all be all. Dream big, and strive to make those dreams come true. 


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