A little bit of good

So a few days ago as I worked on throwing out some trash, I look down to see a little tree frog in the drive way. This in and of itself wasn’t wholly surprising, I’ve seen quite a few since moving here. I reach down to shoo him away from the path I was walking so he wouldn’t get crushed. I could see the fear in his eyes – how badly he wanted to leap away… only he couldn’t. He pawed desperately with his two front legs and dragged himself forward a few centimeters. His hind legs unresponsive.

I bent down and noticed how dirty the poor thing was – as if he’d dragged himself all the way to the spot. I wonder if word gets around the animal kingdom. If someone told him to find the crazy animal lady. He braced himself as I picked him up. He crawls pathetically up my arm a little bit and relaxes on my wrist as I carry him inside.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with him. Terry suggested a quick passing might be more of a blessing than a long, drawn out death. I looked at the little guys amber eyes and told him I couldn’t do it. I was going to put him in Rex’s old cage and we’d check on him later. Knowing that he needed a good amount of humidity to keep his skin moist, I filled up the little bowl and put it in the tank that sat in the garage.

Later that afternoon, I found the poor little guy lying on his back in the bowl. Saddened, I reached in, to find that he wasn’t dead, just stuck. I pulled him out of the bowl and made sure he was on the solid glass. I knew the tank was dirty, so I decided to clean it out. Considering he couldn’t hop away, I left him on the front step and cleaned the tank and got him set back up.

As I carried him back inside, I noticed that his toes were twitching. This was a great improvement over how lankly he dragged them behind him before. That afternoon, I checked again. One leg he could move almost completely. I patted him on the head, left a few bug bits just in case and hoped for the best.

This afternoon when Ethan and I checked on the tank. He let out a massive leap, almost clearing the tank. He didn’t land on his feet, rather on his back, but he wriggled and squirmed enough to right himself and fumble forward to a better aimed jump.

I was thrilled when I lifted him out. I decided it was time. Maybe some fresh bugs and sunlight would speed his recovery. Ethan and I carried him out and nestled him deep inside the ginger bush in our yard. He immediately hopped from one massive leaf to another and found a nice perch to sun himself. Carry on my little friend – and spread the word.



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