Not with a bang….

This is the way the world ends… this is the way the world will ends. Not with a bang…. but with Miss Kitty Fantastico devouring the earth’s resources.

Don’t get me wrong… Miss Kitty is a gorgeous feline. She’s sweet and affectionate and loves being worshiped. We jokingly started calling her Miss Kitty Fat-ass-tico long before we ever moved. She liked to eat and was always very vocal about.

Well recently I have relocated her to the King John House with the rest of our menagerie… and it appears that she has decided to live up to her name. There are three other cats in the house, so we leave a bowl of food out for whenever they come through to scrounge.

Miss Kitty however is so excited about the prospect of a never ending food supply, every time we turn around, she’s back on the shelf. Eating. She polished off the second bowl of food the other day. Ethan – being the helpful lad – refilled it and decided to run interference with Miss Kitty while Quiddley jumped up to grab a quick bite.

The boy became distracted though and she darts around him and leaps into the air… to land on top of Quiddley. She pins him and straddles him as she shoves her face into the bowl.

Quiddley, never one to turn away the attention of the pretty girl, just sat there completely baffled by what happened and watched her woof down the food. He finally had enough of watching the animalistic way she scarfed the kibble and carefully extracted himself from beneath her.

If we’re not careful,she’ll also sneak in and steal the dog’s food. I can’t limit how much food is in the bowl and when the other cats get fed, but if it goes on like this, she’s going to blow up like a balloon. Le Sigh…. She was svelt and lovely…. Soon though I believe she will resemble a long haired bowling ball.


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