I am gathering blankets, coats, first aid and other supplies to try and ship out to the camps at Standing Rock. I’m watching the reports daily with tears in my eyes. And the worst part is, this is only the beginning. It’s not just North Dakota, it’s the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Virginia and the Sabal Trail pipeline in Florida… we NEED to stop these companies before it’s too late to turn back.

America COULD be the country that spearheads turn of the century power alternatives… instead our country is choked out by money hungry industrialists that are clinging to oil and gas. We’re destroying our planet, our people, our future…

I saw a meme today posing the question that you could either go back in time with all the knowledge you have now, or jump forward with a ton of money. Never before had I really considered that I would do things over, but looking at where we are right now? I would. I would take what I know about oil and solar and pipelines and conservation and go back to make more of difference. I’m already working towards that goal, but the way things are spiraling out of control, it feels like too little too late.



The last few days have been a complete whirlwind. We have a new president elect. Riots (peaceful and non) are spreading through the country. Hatred is running rampant through the streets. North Carolina, Tennessee,South Carolina and Georgia are all on fire. DAPL is an overshadowed but very real issue.

None of these things are new or even out of the ordinary. History is a cycle and we’re just spinning up around another bad spot. The only thing we can do as a people is try to be better than our forefathers. Try to rise above the hatred and the pain and show that we can learn from their mistakes.

Don’t start fires! That statement is true for EVERY on of the current issues. Stand up for what’s right… DO what’s right. Remember the golden rule in all of this. Harm none. Not people, not animals, not our planet…… and try not to be an asshole.