The haunted…

Early morning, the sun hasn’t even dusted the sky with a touch of color yet. Everyone’s asleep but myself and the exceptionally large dog we live with, Winston. I’m brewing up some coffee when I’m overwhelmed by a ton of things happening at once. A chill goes down my spine, I hear a distant otherworldly woman’s voice, Winston jumps and barks, the cats hiss and run, the room goes even darker than it already was and I can feel (along with hear) the creaking of the wooden floor boards as someone rushes through the dining room towards us. 

I hit the light and spin around… But there’s nothing. Winston’s hackles are up, but otherwise he’s standing there looking as confused as myself. Just as quickly, everything goes back to normal. “Normal”.

I chuckle nervously, tell a few people but otherwiselet the incident go with just a lingering uneasy feeling. 

Murphy mentions how much unused space there is in the wall between the kitchen and living room. Someone built in a little shelf and hutch, but there’s a good portion of it that’s just empty. Ethan suggests that it’s just the opening to make it easier to get into the basement. Look at that, the boy has a more level head than myself. 

Yesterday however… the house gets swarmed by hundreds of flies. Most are trying to get in at the window by the dining room. We couldn’t figure out where they came from or why they’re around, but they’re still buzzing around this morning.  So as a joke I send a Marco polo and creep up on the basement and pop it open. As I’m recording, I realize Ethan’s theory about the space is wrong. It’s a sealed box tucked away. 

The previous roommate jumped ship on short notice… But come to find out she didn’t even have any place to go. She left for a hotel. So now I’m thoroughly unnerved, only I’m stuck here at the moment. I don’t have the money to go anywhere else. 

So I shall document these incidents to share with you. 


Enjoying the little things

Are we cogs in a machine? Threads on a loom? Or are we really creatures of complete free will guided by nothing? 

No matter what your belief, or theory, or faith… we are here. And things happen out of our control or desire.  What we can control however, is how we manage these. 

I prefer to savor the good moments. A few seconds holding the hand of someone I love. Randomly playing in a pile of fallen leaves. Or sitting on the front porch, drinking coffee and watching the sunrays dance across the dew on a spider web across the yard. 

I have my dark moments. When the magnificent shadow smothers me to the point I can’t breathe… sometimes it takes just that glimpse of brightness to remember that I’m stronger than the shadow. 

Impressions to the world

Of everyone we’ll meet in our lifetime, we’ll easily forget seventy-five percent of them. Then there are some we’d like to immortalize.

As a writer, I have the means of doing that. Only I don’t like to try and work that person into the story, but rather my impression of them. I want the world to feel as I did about an individual. 

I’ve had a book to start for a long time. I had a general idea… But no solid plot or characters, save 2. As I was in California, I decided to use some of the people I’ve met since joining ACE for my character constructs. Upon doing this, the story built itself. 

I have a plot, main characters, side arcs… And it all came together in a couple of days. 

That’s not to say I plan on jumping right in to write. I will finish Forgotten Guardian first. I Only have five more chapters, it would be stupid of me to let it fall further to the wayside.