Dream Hike Love

I have finally finished my website. Well, finished I’m sure is all relative. I’m sure I will forever be adding and tweaking things. In time I will add a shop with some of my own upcycled/screen printed clothing, bumper stickers, patches and a plethora of other little things available. Any sales made will go towards three things. The first, will be half of the proceeds will go to hikes to work on cleaning up local parks and trails. The second will be to cover the cost of more supplies to continue “arting”, and the third will funnel into my North Carolina Migration.

Dream big, hike often and love ALWAYS.

Now… it’s been a long time since I’ve done any thank yous. This tiny little blog of mine has accumulated 55 followers. Yes I know to many people that doesn’t sound like much.. but to ME… that’s a big deal. I’m nobody. I’ve created this little blog as a pensive to store my thoughts, my dreams, my inspirations… and maybe. Just maybe bring a smile to someone’s face.

So thank you, to all fifty five of you wonderful people.