Here again…

Does it truly come as a surprise to anyone that there are like 2 months between my last post and this one? 

For the record, I am not resolving to do better this year. Let’s face it, I’m inconsistent at best. But then this blog has always been something of a tool, an outlet, a means to kick start my brain. 

I have a lot to say… But then I don’t know if I do. I don’t know if I wasn’t to try and cram everything into one long post or if I want to split it up. I don’t know if I truly want to share it all. Not because it’s bad, but more of… Why? 

I could tell you every trial, moment of joy or euphoria… But why? To immortalize my life, but for who? Do I truly believe that one day Ethan, or universe allow another child of mine to one day want to know me on a level they never thought to ask about? Or is it just for ego? To place a small footprint into the interwebs as proof that I did exist. 

My greatest fear you know, is being erased by time. Not leaving a mark or impression on the world. Being just another beige strand I  the tapestry of time that gets overlooked.


Save Our Wilds

This last week has felt like a battle. So many things that I love and believe in has come under attack. My future plans and hopes and dreams are hanging in a tenuous balance because some racist, bigoted, business men that would rather make another dollar than listen to people smarter than them.

Maybe that’s the problem. Stupid people don’t like being told they’re wrong. Rich people don’t like to give up their money. And hateful people are happy despising the world.

As many of you know, I’ve been accepted into the American Conservation Experience. Initially I was doing this so I can gain the experience to one day become a Park Ranger. Because of all of these bills and executive orders… it’s looking more and more like that position won’t be available here in the near future and this breaks my heart. This doesn’t just break my heart, it hurts my soul.

I’ve been on the edge of tears all week watching things unfold. Following the brave Rogue Rangers stand up to regime and I can only think perhaps now… now is the best time to follow this dream. And if my job vanishes, then I will join the conservation groups and raise my voice with everyone else to fight back.

It’s all any of us can do. When the government dons their black cloaks and pointy beards… I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that has a problem with it. Follow these Rogue Rangers on Twitter and Facebook. Look to our scientists and engineers. Listen to voices of reason. It’s not just OUR wilds that are hanging in the balance… but if we run away from the monsters… they’ll take the whole planet down with them. save-our-land


I am gathering blankets, coats, first aid and other supplies to try and ship out to the camps at Standing Rock. I’m watching the reports daily with tears in my eyes. And the worst part is, this is only the beginning. It’s not just North Dakota, it’s the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Virginia and the Sabal Trail pipeline in Florida… we NEED to stop these companies before it’s too late to turn back.

America COULD be the country that spearheads turn of the century power alternatives… instead our country is choked out by money hungry industrialists that are clinging to oil and gas. We’re destroying our planet, our people, our future…

I saw a meme today posing the question that you could either go back in time with all the knowledge you have now, or jump forward with a ton of money. Never before had I really considered that I would do things over, but looking at where we are right now? I would. I would take what I know about oil and solar and pipelines and conservation and go back to make more of difference. I’m already working towards that goal, but the way things are spiraling out of control, it feels like too little too late.


The last few days have been a complete whirlwind. We have a new president elect. Riots (peaceful and non) are spreading through the country. Hatred is running rampant through the streets. North Carolina, Tennessee,South Carolina and Georgia are all on fire. DAPL is an overshadowed but very real issue.

None of these things are new or even out of the ordinary. History is a cycle and we’re just spinning up around another bad spot. The only thing we can do as a people is try to be better than our forefathers. Try to rise above the hatred and the pain and show that we can learn from their mistakes.

Don’t start fires! That statement is true for EVERY on of the current issues. Stand up for what’s right… DO what’s right. Remember the golden rule in all of this. Harm none. Not people, not animals, not our planet…… and try not to be an asshole.

Not with a bang….

This is the way the world ends… this is the way the world will ends. Not with a bang…. but with Miss Kitty Fantastico devouring the earth’s resources.

Don’t get me wrong… Miss Kitty is a gorgeous feline. She’s sweet and affectionate and loves being worshiped. We jokingly started calling her Miss Kitty Fat-ass-tico long before we ever moved. She liked to eat and was always very vocal about.

Well recently I have relocated her to the King John House with the rest of our menagerie… and it appears that she has decided to live up to her name. There are three other cats in the house, so we leave a bowl of food out for whenever they come through to scrounge.

Miss Kitty however is so excited about the prospect of a never ending food supply, every time we turn around, she’s back on the shelf. Eating. She polished off the second bowl of food the other day. Ethan – being the helpful lad – refilled it and decided to run interference with Miss Kitty while Quiddley jumped up to grab a quick bite.

The boy became distracted though and she darts around him and leaps into the air… to land on top of Quiddley. She pins him and straddles him as she shoves her face into the bowl.

Quiddley, never one to turn away the attention of the pretty girl, just sat there completely baffled by what happened and watched her woof down the food. He finally had enough of watching the animalistic way she scarfed the kibble and carefully extracted himself from beneath her.

If we’re not careful,she’ll also sneak in and steal the dog’s food. I can’t limit how much food is in the bowl and when the other cats get fed, but if it goes on like this, she’s going to blow up like a balloon. Le Sigh…. She was svelt and lovely…. Soon though I believe she will resemble a long haired bowling ball.


There’s a certain time of the day when all of the colors are faded or blend as monochrome. The sun is just at the perfect height to affect how we see everything. It gives the world an artificial appearance. But truly there’s nothing more natural.maybe it’s only here in Florida that this happens. Our maybe it’s only myself that it happens to. 

The world turns a touch and color floods my vision once more. 

Sometimes we can only live to survive. Paycheck to paycheck. But if you’re lucky enough to have a dream, never shuffle that to the bottom of the priority stack. Take whatever opportunity or help you can to make it happen. 

The world can be harsh and glaring if you let it. 

Don’t let it. 

The Summer

One would think that as your responsibilities fall in number, that you have more time for things. Perhaps a normal person would. The universe only knows I’m anything but normal. My son has left for the summer. I know – most parents would be doing the happy dance to be rid of their kids for two months. ALL THE FREE TIME!

He left on Saturday… and I’m already going stir crazy. It’s not that I’m a helicopter mom. No, I enjoy that he’s a strong, independent kid that enjoys time with other family. I’m proud that he’s not a “mama’s boy” and needs me at every turn. I’m pleased to imagine that he’s going to turn out alright because he’s adaptable.

No… it’s just because I love my kid. He’s great company. He’s smart, funny, sarcastic and easy going. It’s more that I don’t know what to do with myself when he’s not around. And then it kind of hit me tonight. He’s already ten. He’s already independent. In another few years he’s going to be looking at his future – as he well should be. I guess I need to start considering mine.

I’m not about to hang up my life and brush things off as a job well done… but where do I go next? If the summers make me this insane… what will I do to handle whatever comes next?

The answer of course is right in front of me. It has been for years. I need to learn how to focus. How to sit down and write, even if I’m not feeling up to it. How to remain productive, even when I just want to melt into the bed.

As it always happens… I’ll be taking my annual hiatus from blogging. Only this time I’m telling someone about it. I actually have a pretty busy summer set out ahead of me. We’re moving, putting some projects in motion at the family house, I have quite a few crafts that I want to complete, GISHWHES is coming up and I need to fit in some writing.

I miss summer vacation. I miss being able to fill my whole day with the things I WANT to do, instead of what I NEED to do. Hopefully one day soon those two things will finally be the same. Take care my wordpress friends. With luck and some cooperation with the universe, I should have quite a few fun things to blog about come the fall.