Wasted afternoon

Stress is like a living force. It grows and thrives in an all consuming wave, devouring any sort of creative spark that you might have otherwise had. I spent the entire afternoon sitting in mediation. About five years ago I was in an accident. An honest to Hades, unavoidable rear end accident that even the officer took one look at and said this isn’t even worth writing up a report. Exchange insurance and have a nice day. Five years later I’m being sued and my entire afternoon was a total waste of time. Though the attorney that represents my insurance company says there’s nothing to worry about, she can’t see it through my eyes. She doesn’t know how the universe likes to use me as it’s kicking post.

Thoughts keep escaping my head. They’re at the tip of my fingers until I sit – as though the change in elevation or pressure causes them to retreat.

There were two things on the internet today. I could give a frilly f*** about one of them… however Leonard Nimoy will be sorely missed. To the man that taught that logic and rationality can solve any problem – farewell. Your time on this planet was fascinating. May your travels lead you to a wondrous new life.